Welcome to my website….and my blog!

As you are reading this, and getting to see what I have to say, and there hasn’t been much content provided yet, you will realize that Weiss Lake Crappie Guide will surpass your expectations of what you were thinking you’d take away from here and leave you in a much more positive and happy state of being.

So, enjoy and get as much out of this site as you can!

It’s all in a name

To begin, you may wonder how I came up with the name.  Well, I’m not a Weiss and I don’t live on a lake.  But one of my fondest memories as a kid was visiting this awesome lake in Wisconsin with my best friend’s family .  Oh, his name was Mike Weiss.  And there just so happens to be a story that I won’t bore you with of when he tried to lead us this ridiculously long hike around the lake in the woods, getting us lost and missing dinner.  Technically, we didn’t get home until close to midnight.  Thus, Weiss Lake Crappie Guide!

(This isn’t the lake, but reminds me of it.)

Even to this day, I wonder what happened to Mike.  We lost touch after I moved away just before high school.  I visited once and then we drifted.  You ever have that kind of relationship, where you have someone you’d love to try and find and see where they are in life?  I have a number of them.  That’s because I moved so much as a kid.  I was discussing this with my wife and I think by the time I was 21 I had moved at least that many times.  Now, many were in the same city onlyt to a new home.  But that counts!  I bounced between the Chicago area, Memphis and Connecticut my entire life.

What would be home?

It’s where the heart is.  ACK!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  I’d say that home is probably around Chi-Town.  Only because I lived there a number of times and with the most amount of consecutive years.  However, the place that I would really consider home is my grandparents house in Memphis.  Because we never stayed in one place long enough to grow roots, it was the time spent every summer at my great grandfather’s pool (my great grandparents and grandparents lived next door to each other).  It’s weird, because it’s also the house my mom grew up in and hasn’t really changed much in 60 years.  CRAZY RIGHT?!  Also crazy is the amount of “stuff” one can collect over that amount of time.  Literally, closets of photo albums and crochetted things.  There must have been at least 100 miles of yarn up in that joint.

Back on track…cuz I tend to do a tangent thingy here and there.

Acutally, I do believe that this is a good place to pause.  We’ll hit other areas of my life later….As this is new to me, I’m not quite sure the nature of what a blog should be.  I guess it will evolve as it goes.

 <===Random as well

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